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Celebrity Scoops…updated Tuesday, 7.26.16


Sarah Silverman Oscars 2016Can you say, ‘Stumpinnnn!?!” Celebs were out en masse stumping for Hilary Clinton as the DNC kicked off last night. Sarah Silverman called for unity, particularly among Bernie Sanders supporters. “I’m Sarah Silverman and I have been feeling the Bern. Relax, I put some cream on it,” she kidded. “As some of you know, I support Bernie Sanders and the movement behind him. And Bernie has already succeeded in so many ways…Not only did Bernie wake us up, he made us understand what is possible and what we deserve.” That prompted many to cheer, “Bernie! Bernie!” But Silverman hit back saying, “Can I just say – to the Bernie or bust people, you’re being ridiculous.” Some supported her like Joy Behar, but others criticized, saying, “Sarah Silverman helps get berners to hate Hillary and then says WE are being ridiculous. We’ll remember this. Have fun losing the general.”

“We can do better,” a spirited Demi Lovato told the crowd at the DNC. She urged support for mental illness and how the country needs to banish it. “This is not about politics, it is simply the right thing to do,” she remarked. She then performed her hit, “Confident.”

Jennifer Lopez and Calvin Harris

Photo courtesy of Snapchat

Could a Jennifer Lopez/Calvin Harris collaboration be in the works? Heck, yes. “Jennifer and Calvin discussed a possible music collaboration during her birthday party,” a source revealed to People. The DJ participated in her 47th birthday bash in Las Vegas and even attended her “All I Have” concert at Planet Hollywood. “They discussed the types of music they both love. Calvin was excited to be at the party, hanging out with Jennifer and chatting with Benny [Medina].” He also made time to party with Kim Kardashian West too. Harris’ most recent collaboration was “This is What You Came For” with Rihanna, and he’s partnered with Kylie Minogue, Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora, and many more in the past.

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