Haute in the Hamptons: Stars Shop at Super Saturday 17 to Stump for Ovarian Cancer

Another Super Saturday came and went in Water Mill in the Hamptons with celebrities and shoppers clamoring for bargains. Every dollar of the $3.5 million earned from this glamorous designer garage sale was donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, so it’s guilt-free gifts for all. Hosted by Donna Karan and Kelly Ripa, the even is an annual crowd pleaser, with even husbands out scouring tents for some discount designer duds to don at work and during downtime.

“I lost a very close childhood friend – I still remember her as a young girl,” Kelly Ripa recalled, while describing why she hosts the event and is so passionate about it. “She passed away at only 30 years old, so she never had a chance to get married, have kids or do things in her live that all women should live long enough to do. That’s why I’m here – I’m honoring her and searching for a cure. I don’t want any of our family members to have to die from ovarian cancer.”

Kelly and Beth Stern graciously took time out of the shopping bonanza to speak with www.CelebrityEverything.com while on the red carpet. Other celebs hobnobbing and shopping included designer Rachel Zoe, Alec Baldwin, Lisa Rinna and Gayle King.

Q: Kelly, Super Saturday is all about raising funds for ovarian cancer AND shopping – what does Mark [Consuelos] like you best on you?

Kelly Ripa: He likes anything that gets me out of the house quickly. He’ll tell me I look beautiful before he even opens the door. He’s formulating, “You look amazing” and the door wasn’t even open! He prepares it so I feel confident getting out the door.

Q: What do you do to reconnect?

KR: We reconnect every night – even if he’s shooting all night. We’ll connect and ask about our days and the kids. We have lots of date nights, but we always check in with each other.

What do you like to do with your kids now that they are getting older?

KR: The boys are such homebodies, but my daughter is such a social butterfly. Right now my daughter is at sleep away camp – I never went, and the boys never went, so to see her leave kind of us cripples us.

Q: How are you dealing with the adjustment?

KR: My kids are only with me 18 years before they go off to college – so I’m selfish – I want them with me all 18 years .But I understand she doesn’t have sisters and she likes that girl time and I get it.

Q: What kind of exercise routine are you doing these days?

KR: I do AKT – Anna Kaiser Technique – I work out with her a few times a week and I do Soul Cycle and sometimes I run with my son around the track.

Q: You’re very into fitness – how do you deal with people who say you are too skinny?

KR: I am fascinated by people who attach a numerical weight to me – it’s always underestimated by like 50 pounds – it’s significant! I sort of get the mentality behind it, but those criticizing me, I don’t care. I am a healthy person, I’m fit, and I exercise every day. You would be hard pressed to find a doctor to say I’m not physically fit. So I don’t focus on that – it says more about that person than me. If someone is critiquing my appearance, they are probably feeling not so great about themselves. I get it though; at one point I didn’t exercise, but I feel better about myself when I do.

Q: What are your favorite restaurants in the Hamptons?

KR: We go to the Bell and Anchor so much, we feel like it’s an extension of our house. I was there last night!

Q: What about summer drinks – where do you like to have them the most?

KR: My husband makes the best margaritas – so my backyard, drinking my husband’s margarita.

Q : Your face looks amazing – what are you doing?

KR: A little Botox – it makes you feel insane when you’re wondering, ‘Why am I the only one with crow’s feet?’ No one says it’s Botox – they say it’s ‘genetics.’ And wow, everyone has such good genetics (laughs)! Oh, and there’s a great Maybelline stick that is a moisturizer and concealer in one.

Q: Beth, what’s an ideal date night for you and Howard?’

Beth Stern: This is our date night every weekend – we have the early bird special around 5 o’clock, then we crawl into bed together and watch our favorite shows together and lights out at 8. Howard has his radio show, so he’s up at 4am every morning. Right now we’re watching ‘The Bachelorette’ and ‘America’s Got Talent’ after he films it.

Q: And what are your favorite restaurants here in the Hamptons?

BS: Harlow in Sag Harbor, Nick & Toni’s, Bobby Van’s, and Tutto il Giorno – we are creatures of habit and have the same table in every restaurant.

Q: Can you talk about your work fostering kittens with the North Shore Animal League?

BS: Right now we’re fostering kittens and picking up our third litter Monday and four of our kittens are going to their forever homes tomorrow – and I’ll be crying my eyes out – we’ve had them for five weeks. That’s what I do all summer. Since last June we’ve fostered and found homes for 65 kittens. We love it. We fostered an English bulldog too, but right now kittens and cats needs us. I also grab special needs adult cats. We have six adult cats – one is blind and has asthma, one was bald when she came to us – they’re hot messes (chuckles).

Q: Can you give us the lowdown on declawing or cutting?

BS: You can trim your cat’s claws but declawing is equivalent to amputating down to the second knuckle on a human. Can you imagine the pain? There are alternatives – you can put tips on them or aluminum on furniture for two weeks so they won’t go on furniture anymore – I know all the tricks.

BS: Can you describe the best day of your life?

Probably grabbing kittens minutes away from being euthanized from shelters and finding a home for them they deserve.  That’s what I continue to do and it makes the best days of my life. At one point we had 15 kittens in our house and we have six of our own. It’s my job for the summer, but Howard is actively involved in their socialization and lets them crawl all over him. But it’s my job to administer medication and I’m the queen of litter boxes! But he’s great and is my partner in this whole experience.