Stars Shop and Stump for Ovarian Cancer Research at Super Saturday

Photos by Linda Buyer

Photos by Linda Buyer

For the 18th anniversary of New York’s Super Saturday ‘designer garage sale’ event in the Hamptons, the weather couldn’t have been better. As the rays of sunshine sparkled on spectacular clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories donated by coveted designers, the glitterati were strutting the grass carpet once again to show their support for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Some celebs headed toward the myriad of tents heaping with potential bargains included Molly Sims, Mark Feuerstein, Rachel Zoe, Joy Behar, Alec Baldwin, Shoshanna, Rebecca Minkoff, and more. Thanks to the designers, shoppers and volunteers, the annual fundraiser generated an impressive $3.4 million, which will all go toward funding research for ovarian cancer detection and treatment.

Q: Mark, what’s an ideal date for you and your wife?

Mark Feuerstein: A perfect date night for me and my wife is putting the kids to bed early, and go to a movie at the Arclight Cinemas in LA, and then to Sugarfish, which is probably the best sushi in the country, and then go home and cuddle on the couch – and watch something else -and have time together to catch up.

Q: Why does marriage get better after kids?

MF Who said that (laughs)? It gets better because you put your love into the creation of a human being who you get to watch grow. And on some level they are a reflection of you and on another level, they are who they are. We have a 9-year-old, a 7-year-old and a 5-year-old and I can’t believe we get to watch our love grow with these incredible human beings.

Q: Can you tell me about your role on “Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant”?

MF: I play a renegade male flight attendant – a lothario of the skies – who saves lives by landing a plane on the 405 [Freeway]. It’s got Henry Winkler, Molly Shannon, Marcia Gay Harden, Taye Diggs, Jayma Mays, Rebecca Romijn and more – it’s an amazing cast and great movie. Check it out – it’s on iTunes.

Q: Has that changed your perspective on the role of flight attendants?

MF: Yes, the job of being a flight attendant is very challenging – lots of tough customers.

Q: What are your favorite restaurants in the Hamptons?

MF: Candy Kitchen in Bridgehampton – I like to go there and get ice cream with my kids and Scoop du Jour in East Hampton to get ice cream with my kids – I’m all about the ice cream. But for dinner, Nick and Toni’s in East Hampton.

Q: What’s your favorite activity to do in the Hamptons?

MF: I like to be with my kids on the beach – it’s the best.

Q: Are you a shopper or a watcher here at Super Saturday?

MF: I generally stay with my family, but every once in a while I run in and get a nice shirt. My best deal ever here was a Ralph Lauren T-shirt that I got for $10.

Molly Sims Super Saturday 2015Q: Molly, what’s so special about Super Saturday?

Molly Sims: It’s been an iconic event for the last 18 years in the Hamptons. They bring so many people together for a wonderful cause. Ovarian cancer, as we know, is a silent killer. I’ve literally been coming here for the last 16 years to support this cause.

Q: Do you have any secrets for navigating the shopping at the event?

MS: You get here early – that’s the plan – and go shop!

Q: Congrats on the new baby! Why are kids so important to a marriage, especially yours?

MS: They just bring everything together – it’s like the icing, cherry or sprinkles on top. I think your ice cream is your foundation and kids add so much. It’s amazing.

Q: Would you have more children?

MS: I don’t know – my daughter is only four months today, so I’m just four months out.

Q: What’s your ideal date night with your husband?

MS: A night at a local hotel in the same city, so you wouldn’t have to pack or do anything.

Q: Can you describe your workout routine?

MS: I work out every single day – everything from Tracy Anderson, to hiking to walking to treadmill to circuit to hot yoga – everything I can possibly do.

Q: What’s your favorite travel destination?

MS: Italy – it’s chic, romantic and fun and you get to eat. I like Capri, Rome, Tuscany – all of it.

Q: If you were my travel agent, what would you tell me to see there?

MS: See the water by Capri, the shopping, the food – go there for two weeks!


Rachel Zoe Super Saturday 2015Q: Rachel, are you looking for any specific brands today?

Rachel Zoe: No I just go in and buy anything I can as quickly and I’ll give it to somebody if I don’t need it.

Q: If you could give 2-3 splurge and save on items for the fall, what would they be?

RZ: Splurge on a bag, great pair of boots and a leather jacket. Save on denim – you probably don’t need that many new pairs, and if you have your classic black trousers, keep them.

Q: Must we flare (with denim)?

RZ: I always flare (smiles).