Jane Seymour – Her Name Now Has a Ring to It

Jane Seymoour with ringBritish-American actress Jane Seymour, who has played Bond Girl, acted in ‘Onassis: The Richest Man in the World’, and starred in “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” could be described as a rare jewel with multiple facets of beauty, talent, intellect and grace. As such, she was honored with a rare blue diamond ring in her name.

The World of Diamonds Group – one of the globe’s largest diamond companies – has unveiled “The Jane Seymour,” a rare 2.08-carat cushion-cut strikingly blue diamond ensconced in a rose-gold plated platinum setting. Blue diamonds of this size and VS1 clarity grade are extremely rare and command sky-high prices at auctions, but this one has the unique association with the Renaissance actress, philanthropist and businesswoman.

“It is a celebratory treat, more comparable to a mega-yacht or a ticket to the moon,” remarks Karan Tilani, director of World of Diamonds Group. The company held a VIP showing of the beauty in Singapore, where the two-time Golden Globe winner was starting in the British Theatre Playhouse’s production of “The Vortex” by Noel Coward at the Raffles Hotel. Guests included Singapore President Tony Tan and his wife, Mary Tan, the EU Ambassador to Singapore, Michael Pulch and the British High Commissioner Scott Wightman.

The Jane Seymour Is Modelled After the Real Jane Seymour

The-Jane-Seymour-Blue-Diamond-RingThe floral motif on the objet d’art, Erodium Malacoides, represents Seymour’s grace, elegance and demeanor. Her down to earth personality is as calm as the sky and the ocean, which a blue diamond best illustrates. Seymour was in cloud nine upon being presented the ring in Singapore, which immediately adorned her finger and complemented the blue dress that she wore. While in high spirits, the A-lister wasted no time in snapping ‘selfies’.

One of The World’s Largest Diamond Mining Corporations Crafted The Jane Seymour

The creators, World Of DiJane Seymour selfie #2 with ringamonds Group, are among the world’s largest privately held diamond mining corporations. Having launched and sold The Royalé Dream, the world’s most expensive perfume collection in Singapore in 2015, the WOD Group has been behind some of the finest diamonds and jewelry pieces. Through joint ventures with maisons in Europe and the Americas, the Russian conglomerate is almost fully integrated in diamond mining, polishing, high jewelry creation and distribution to leading houses of the world. Not surprisingly, the Group has directly catered to billionaires and members of royal descent.

Craftmanship of The Jane Seymour

To surmount the obstacles in working with platinum – among the hardest and rarest metals ever –, three of World Of Diamonds’ esteemed artisans worked on the ring for a few hundred hours to shape its silhouette and perfect the intricate detailing. Lavish rose-gold plating envelopes the ring in a combination of matt and gloss finish. As the fourth dimension of the masterpiece has been unleashed, it has transitioned into an object of power, emulating the power celebrity who was spellbound by its very energy.

The Jane Seymour Is Almost Priceless

Past records from notable auction houses Christie’s and Sotheby’s show that vivid blue diamonds typically sell for around $1,000,000 a carat – this means that the 2.08 carat blue diamond ring alone is worth in the range of USD 2,000,000. However, The Jane Seymour may very well fetch a steep premium due to its celebrity connection. There is only one ring in the world named after Seymour herself, and so it is arguably priceless. Royal families, particularly in the Middle East, are said to have expressed interest in this exquisite creation, but, “the connoisseur must also fulfil certain criteria established at the discretion of the Group’s Chairman.” Hence, money may not be the ultimate decider of who will adorn this spectactular ring in the future. Perhaps it will be Seymour’s partner, film director and producer David Green, who stands a good chance at snapping this up…at the right price of priceless.