Stars Support Ovarian Cancer Research at 19th Annual Super Saturday

Kelly Ripa Super Saturday 19 Water Mill NY

Photos by Linda Buyer

Just before the rain storm struck the Hamptons in New York, the 19th annual Super Saturday NY was in full swing in Water Mill. Celebrities and shoppers en masse with husbands and children in tow flocked to Nova’s Ark Project to shop til they dropped to support the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance (OCRFA). Hosts Donna Karan and Kelly Ripa were supported by other high profile familiar faces, lending their star power to the incredible cause. Recognized as the “Rolls-Royce of garage sales,” this shopping extravaganza featured nearly 150 luxury fashion brands (i.e. Ralph Lauren, Calypso St. Barth, Theory, Vince, Alice & Olivia and many more) donating merchandise and selling it at steep discounts so shoppers can score fantastic deals with the goal of battling ovarian cancer. Among those strutting the grass carpet who chatted with were Aida Turturro, Molly Sims, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and wife Judith, Lorraine Bracco and June Ambrose.

Aida Turturro Super Saturday 19 Water Mill NYQ: What are you working on these days?

Aida Turturro: I’m not in a job at the moment, but I feel like it’s right there. We have to see if I get cast again. I need to be tougher. Just teasing! Maybe a funny show or improv.

Q: What are your favorite places in the Hamptons?

AT: Inlet Seafood is where I eat all the time. The restaurants in general are wonderful in Montauk, where I live fulltime, so I’m blessed with living there and getting to partake. The ocean – I love the ocean too.

Q: Can you describe your best day ever?

AT: My best day was when my dad, who has since passed, came with me to the Emmy’s. He was so proud. The whole thing of coming over on the plane and getting his room at the Peninsula Hotel…it was really great he got to have that experience. And then I lost, but just to work on “The Sopranos” was amazing. To have your parents be proud is a big thing.

Q: Are you voting this year?

AT: Oh yes. I’m not a big political person, but with this election, all of a sudden I’ve become psychotic. The fact that anyone would vote for Trump is scary to me. I can’t imagine people can imagine him as President. I don’t want to get into a fight with Rudy Giuliani, who is right there, but I think he’s a narcissist. He’s always talking about him. It’s like, ‘And then me, and about me,’ and how about the world? It’s always about him. He doesn’t want to help the world. You know?

Q: So living in Montauk fulltime, how do you feel about the resurgence of Montauk last year as the hot town in the Hamptons?

AT: Why do you have to bring up all these things that upset me today (laughs)? Montauk is a very beautiful place. It got a lot trendy, but sometimes people need to calm down and all that partying – I hope it’s good for the businesses, but hope that everyone can be respectful of the simplicity of it. We have a great town though. Everyone is supportive of one and other and the community.

Q: Do you frequent the Surf Lodge?

AT: I’m getting old, babe! I’m not 20 anymore – just 30 (laughs).

Q: What was the best deal you ever scored at Super Saturday?

AT: Pocketbooks! And shoes and dresses. And one time I got this sick, hot pink cashmere sweater that was like $1,000 27-ply sweater and I got it for like $200 and I wear it all the time – still! And that was years ago.

Q: What are your favorite brands you are looking for today?

AT: I’m not a brand girl – I go for things. I just shop and go with whatever is nice. Everyone here is a good brand because they are giving their products and time for this cause so buy from everyone!

Q: And speaking of the cause – ovarian cancer research – what are your thoughts on this mission?

AT: It’s a wonderful charity. What they have done is taken money and put it right inot the research. We need to find a cure. And they work really hard and help a lot of people. They have made this a untied cause that is successful and well-run. And look at all the women who need this help. This is on the top of my list – not just because of the shopping – it’s a great cause. And it’s supported by incredible volunteers. It wouldn’t run without the volunteers.

Rudy_Giuliani_Judith_2318editedQ: So, welcome former Mayor [of New York City] Rudy Giuliani! Rumor has it you may be taking office again. Do you see yourself taking a new appointment, perhaps as Mayor again?

Rudy Giuliani: I am a former mayor and lawyer and cyber security expert. I expect next year I will be doing the same thing as I’m doing this year. However, I do very much hope people will vote for Donald Trump, because I think he’s our only hope for change, and I’m going to work hard for him because that is for our country and our children – not for me. The debt President Obama and Hillary Clinton has left us is immoral.

QL Is that your primary issue at this juncture?

RG: No, my primary issue is that he doesn’t face up to Islamic extremist terrorism. The world is more dangerous today than when he and Hillary Clinton came into office. The priest who got his head chopped off in France, and four attacks in Germany in eight days – in the last 10 months there have been more Islamic extremist attacks than any time since Sept. 11, 2001. And all this has happened under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I know Donald Trump can change it.

Q: Let’s talk about today, what do you like about Super Saturday?

RG: What I like about today is that it’s a great cause, ovarian cancer. It should be cured. The only way it will be cured is through money for research. I like it because it’s a lot of fun and a good cause.

Do you have favorite brands here?

RG: That I defer to my wife.

Judith Guiliani: Every year we come and shop for a good cause. It’s very important. When Rudy had prostate cancer 15 years ago, and the form of seeds was then cutting edge and saved his life. He’s cancer free 15 years later and contrast that with his father who died of the same disease – it’s gives you goose bumps. And I want to add, as a nurse, that early detection is always key. And what we have done here as a small event, we are now a sellout and we bus lots of people not just from NYC, but across the country to be here.

Molly_Sims_2324editedQ: Molly, what’s the best quality you find in your husband that makes you smile?

Molly Sims: He’s patient and kind and he traveled in a rain storm, flood and warning yesterday and it took him like 12 hours to get here and he’s here with me and my sick children, so there you go.

Q: What are some of your favorite restaurants in the Hamptons?

MS: Wolffer Kitchen in Sag Harbor, Bay Kitchen out in the Springs in East Hampton, Tutto Il Giorno in Southampton.

Q: What brands are you looking for today?

MS: Hampton Sun, Wildflower, Donna Karen – so many brands!

Q: Can you talk about Super Saturday, your involvement in it and what it means to you?

MS: I’ve been involved since the beginning with Liz Tilberis, Donna Karan and now Kelly Ripa.  I’ve known so many people affected by [ovarian cancer]. I’m a mom, a wife and I have a daughter. It’s one checkup that can save your life. It’s a silent killer and so a lot of people don’t know they don’t have it until it’s too late. This event is really important. We raise a lot of money; we may look like we’re having a good time and all, but they do a lot of things with the money that is raised here and that’s why we do it.

Donna_Karan_2403editedQ: Donna, can you talk about this history of Super Saturday and what it means to you now?

Donna Karan: We started this in Liz Tilberis’ [former Harper Bazaar’s Editor-in-Chief] backyard and have been doing this for 19 years. Everything here is on sale and it’s really a family event that has raised impressive money for ovarian cancer research.

Q: Can you describe your designs at Urban Zen this fall – will we see any bling?

DK: No, no bling. With Urban Zen, if you can’t sleep in it and then go out in it, I don’t want to know it. It’s very much about the body and accenting the positive aspects of it.

Q: What’s your favorite Hamptons restaurant?

DK:  Tutto Il Giorno, of course!

Q: And your bracelet that says, ‘Not One More;’ can you talk about the meaning behind it?

DK: Yes, it reads ‘Not One More,’ as this is one of the most important issues of our time. We cannot have one more gun shooting death in this country. It is unacceptable to have these stories on TV every day, so Not One More is very much about ending gun violence. Every single person should be wearing this bracelet; Hillary [Clinton] God bless her is for it and President Clinton is for it – we need to end it.

Q: Looking back from where ovarian cancer research was 19 years ago and where it is today, can you describe the progress?

DK: Let’s put it this way – more women are surviving and thriving today. Research has made a lot of progress and we’re getting closer and closer to a cure.