Unstoppable in the Hamptons: Windswept Shoppers Show Support for Super Saturday 20

Photos by Eric Schreiber

Photo by Eric Schreiber

Photo by Eric Schreiber

The windy, damp, chilly weather in Water Mill, NY, did not deter fervent shoppers from coming out to support Super Saturday once again this year. Manhattonites and Hamptonites, as well as conscious shoppers from all over descended upon Nova’s Arc to scoop up steeply discounted fashions in the name of raising money for ovarian cancer. All of the staggering $3 million in proceeds this year went to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (www.OCRF.org) in the hopes of one day stamping out this deadly cancer. Those strolling down the red carpet included hosts Donna Karan and Kelly Ripa, along with Rachel Zoe, Nicole Miller, Rudy and Judith Guiliani and Tinsley Mortimer. Here’s who chatted with www.CelebrityEverything.com about the cause.



Photo by Eric Schreiber

Photo by Eric Schreiber

Q: Rachel. you come every year here and continue to support this cause, what does it mean to you?

Rachel Zoe: My mother lost two of her best friends to ovarian cancer and I continue to see it strike women I know and don’t know every day. It’s a silent, real killer that is not easily curable. We have to keep on going and work really hard, shop ‘til we drop and spend money for a cause.


Q: What have been your most memorable finds over the years?

RZ:  I have found so many things here. We get a lot of Brooks Brothers here for all the guys in my family, Ralph Lauren, and we just have a lot of fun. My whole family is here.

Q: What are your favorite fashion trends for the fall?

RZ:  What season are we in (laughs)? My favorite fall trends are big chunky knit sweaters, biker jackets, lots of fringe and tassels, suede, and thigh high boots. I love fall; fall is my favorite season.


Photo by Linda Buyer

Photo by Linda Buyer

Q: Donna, talk to us about the progress that has been made over the past 20 years?

Donna Karan: Twenty years – it’s pretty extraordinary. What I love the most is watching the children grow into the consciousness and awareness of buying something and doing something for somebody else. All of the money goes to ovarian cancer. When it first started it was in [former harper’s Bazaar Editor-in-Chief} Liz Tiberis’ backyard. We all emptied our closets and the concept was to bring consciousness to the forefront so people can talk about it. So it has grown into so many fashion designers and photographers and it really grew up, it really did. We are going to do something special at Urban Zen at Fashion Week this fall too.

Q: Are you proud looking back how far awareness and testing for ovarian cancer has come?

DK: No question that the money has gone to awareness especially toward how women can live with it. Years ago this cancer wasn’t even discussed. Nobody knew about ovarian cancer back then and now it’s better diagnostics testing, everything.

IMG_0066This is really about dressing your outside and your inside. There is so much philanthropy out there now, as we have a lot of problems, so the only way to solve this is to bring the collective consciousness together. As far as I’m concerned, this should be a way of life. I opened up Urben Zen to have the ability to communicate with people in Haiti, and all over the globe. It’s really exciting to also bring art schools and other countries together and let students do that before they go into fashion; they will learn a lot more.

Q: You’re a designer here, but do you have any tables you run to first?

DK: I have to sell and make money (laughs). Between that and being with the kids and photographers – it’s busy – there’s a lot to do today.


Photo by Eric Schreiber

Photo by Eric Schreiber

Q: Mr. Guiliani, how are you grading President Trump these days?

Rudy Guiliani: I grade my good friend Donald Trump an A+. He’s accomplished more in six months than any President I can remember in a long, long time. How about illegal immigration down 60-70%? It took me eight years to get crime down 60%; he’s gotten border crossings down – illegal ones – down by 60%. What about the stock market? Records in the stock market. What about employment? It’s back up again. So a lot of people concentrate on what’s going on in Washington, but I concentrate on what’s going on in America. If you concentrate on what’s going on in America, he’s been one of the most successful presidents at least in the first six months.

Q: You were diagnosed with prostate cancer and survived. This must be a special day for your, correct?

RG: It’s true – I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and it was 17 years ago – it’s been a long time, thank God, because I’m free of it. My wife Judith is a nurse and she helped me through the various stages of it and now I’m a strong believer in money for research for cancer – all forms of cancer – ovarian cancer in particular, because it’s such a dangerous, lethal form of cancer. To have people come out and spend money – this is what raises money to pay for these enormously costly projects to try to solve it.

IMG_0052Q: Judith, what kinds of brands are you looking for today?

JG: All kinds – one of the great things about Super Saturday is that you can buy birthday, Christmas and all types of presents and not just shop for yourself. It’s a great cause; even if you live in the city, store the stuff under your bed.

Q: Do you have a shopping strategy and hit up certain tables first?

RG: I go in and look around and see what strikes my eye. She’s more intelligently, that’s for sure.



Rosanna Scotto Super Saturday OCRF 2017 2Roseanna Scotto: I’ve been here before – it’s a great place to come and see friends and be here for this great cause. My grandmother died of this disease so it’s fantastic that we are hear supporting it. It’s one of those diseases, sadly, that many don’t find out about it until it is too late. Hopefully we can change that.

Q: Are you happy with the progress you’ve seen over the years?

RS: I am, but of course I’d like to see more.

Q: What are your favorite brands when you head into the tents?

RS: I see Jill Martin from QVC is here, and they are selling a lot, as well as Milly and more. I’m going to go look!

Q: What was the best find you got at Super Saturday?

RS: The Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Q: You work crazy hours being on television, how do you fit in workouts and what types do you do?  

RS: Yes, crazy hours – I already did soul cycle this morning, which I do two times a week, and I also do Marian Browning about two times a week. Together they keep me in shape so I’m good to go. Mariam Browning is intervals and weights, you know, all the stuff we don’t like to do but she makes me do it. So, I work out about four times a week.  And also have a Thai massage once in a while too.