Celebrity Scoops…updated 10.25.17

Kris JennerKa-chiiiiinnnng!! Kris Jenner ha scored a $150 million for the Kardashian’s new E! contract, reports TMZ. And she will pocket $15 million in manager’s fees. This is actually a break, as many managers charge 15%, whereas she is only charging 10%.  Plus she not only negotiated the deal, which is 50% higher than the last one, but she clearly works hard on and off the show, managing all the deals for her family. She will also share in the remainder of the $135 million split among the family members. Their new deal is for five seasons, taking them through 2019 on the network.

Another victim…Mimi Haleyi says she was raped by Harvey Weinstein in 2006, explicitly stating that he ripped out her tampon and proceeded to perform oral sex on her when she visited his Soho Manhattan loft. “I tried to get him off me and kept asking him to stop but it was impossible,” she explained. “He was extremely persistent and physically overpowering. He then orally forced himself on me while I was on my period. I was mortified. I was in disbelief…No woman should have to be subjected to this type of unacceptable abuse. Women have the right to say ‘no.’ A ‘no’ is a ‘no’ regardless of the circumstances and I told Harvey ‘no.’”

Paul Walker 2-13Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow, 19, has settled her wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche for the death of her father in November 2013. The 18-year-old reached an agreement with the company, but details were not disclosed, reports The Blast. She sued the carmaker in 2015, claiming her father Paul was trapped by a faulty seatbelt and burned alive while in the passenger seat of a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. The documents indicated the company had a history of “instability and control issues” with the Carrera GT.

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