Celebrity Scoops…updated Tuesday, 11.21.17

Charlie RoseAXED!! Charlie Rose, 75, has been ousted from CBS after being accused of sexual misconduct by eight women who spoke to The Washington Post. The women all worked for him at the time or were potential employees. They claim he groped their breasts, buttocks, and genitals without their consent, placed lewd telephone calls and pranced around naked in their presence without warning. “It is essential that these women know I hear them and that I deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior,” he stated. “I am greatly embarrassed. I have behaved insensitively at times, and I accept responsibility for that, though I do not believe that all of these allegations are accurate. I always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings, even though I now realize I was mistaken.” After the report of the initial eight, five more women came forward, bringing the number of accusers to 13. Charlie freakin’ Rose??? 

Jennifer Garner Draft Day 4-14Almost two and a half years after she and Ben Affleck announced their split, Jennifer Garner says she’s not interested in dating anyone just yet. Additionally she told News.com.au that she hasn’t “been on a date” and is “not interested in dating.” “People want to set me up and I am just like, ‘No thank you!’” She also noted, “I would not have chosen this life for myself or for my kids. I would not choose to be single or be in this position. It’s something that we are working through.”

Caught! Malia Obama was caught on camera smooching a mystery beau and smoking a cigarette while tailgating at the Harvard-Yale football game. Check out the pics of Malia here. Daddy ain’t gonna like that!!

Seth Meyers International Emmy AwardsSeth Meyers will host the 2018 Golden Globes. The NBC Late Night host will helm the awards ceremony, after heavy hitters like Ellen DeGeneres and Tina Fey declined offers, reports Variety. He follows Jimmy Fallon, who took on hosting duties in 2017. Both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler sidestepped the job and Tiffany Haddish also reportedly declined the gig.

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