Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Blood Red Carpet Keeps the Spirit Alive for “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

The sun was still glowing as it set in Manhattan, yet the vampires were out in stylish form for the bloody red carpet of Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov’s action film, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” which opens this weekend. The story loosely weaves historical ties about the 16th President’s tormented life to a secret force of evil vampires trying to dominate the nation during the Civil War. And Abe Lincoln, played by Benjamin Walker, kicks a whole lot of vamp butt.

“My inspiration was an observation – a few years ago you couldn’t walk into a store without seeing two tables in the front – Abraham Lincoln biographies and Twilight and True Blood,” writer Seth Grahame-Smith explained to www.CelebrityEverything.com of his inspiration. “So I thought, if people can’t get enough of Abraham Lincoln and vampires, why not give them both in the same story?”

You’re not going to take away many history lessons from the film, but you will most definitely be entertained. The fight scenes are spectacular and Walker’s performance is brilliant. As Grahame-Smith describes, “He give a far more dramatic performance than people would expect of an action movie.”

Walker, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Jimmi Simpson were among the stars strutting the red carpet, chatting up their roles and all-time favorite vamps.

Q: Benjamin, how was it playing a vampire hunter?

Benjamin: It’s great! They need to lose their heads – they gotta go!

Q: How was it working with Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov?

BW: They are two of the greatest visionaries we know in film today. To get to work with them was a dream job.

Q: What most surprised you about Abe doing your research?

BW: The thing that was most surprising was that he was an ordinary guy that was born in a log cabin, was largely self-educated and in spite of these poor and miserable beginnings, he was an ordinary man who did extraordinary things!

Q: Would you be a vampire if you could?

BW: I’d cut their heads off! Hell no!

Q: Mary, what was it like playing the wife of Abraham Lincoln, the vampire?

Mary: It was great and for me, I was able to pretend it was just a period piece love story. I didn’t really have to worry about the vampire element – I was in my own little movie in my own world.

Q: Are you a fan of vampire movies?

MEW: Definitely – one of my favorites is “Let the Right One In,” which is a more recent vampire film, so it’s not one of the classics yet. But I generally love the dark side, when I watch films, so this would definitely fit into my repertoire.

Q: Did you learn something about Abraham Lincoln that you didn’t know before this movie?

MEW: I learned a lot! I learned how troubled he was, which made him even more admirable to me that he was dealing with so much emotionally even when he was the President. He was going through so many ups and downs with his wife and child and all that was great to learn about.

Q: Would you be a vampire if you could?

MEW: I would not want to live forever – vampires seem so sad to me – I always feel bad for them, because it seems like a curse to me more than anything. So no, not for me.

Q: If you could pick someone in Hollywood to be a vampire, who would it be?

MEW: Hmmm, who would that be? The first to come to mind is Paris Hilton – I don’t know why (laughs)!

Q : Jimmi, what was it like playing Abe’s right hand man?

Jimmi: He’s a good guy to be best friends with and Ben Walker was so amazing and so fun to hang out with that I felt really, really lucky.

Q: Did you two have any funny moments off-camera?

JS: It’s more like the non-vampire stuff, like sitting around doing mundane things like sipping coffee while you buddy is in six hours of nose makeup.

Q: Was it that long?

JS: Yes, six hours.

Q: Are you a vampire film fan?

JS: I am! I’m old school like “Lost Boys” style. “Fright Night” was a good one too – I’m very 80’s centric.

Q: If Obama were a vampire, what would be his weapon of choice?

JS: Hmmm…I think it would be a silver-tipped pen, because he is one of the smartest presidents we’ve had and he could hide it in his pocket and just jab you with it and you’re done. You wouldn’t even know it happened.

Q: In a nutshell, why should moviegoers check this film out?

JS: It’s awesome and funny and filled with action and Ben’s performance is beautiful.