Mister Makeup: The Perfect Pout

By Mister Makeup (David Maderich, www.davidmaderich.com

Main photo by www.juliapogodina.com


Summer is over my darlings. It’s time to put aside the sunny bronzer and lip gloss and glam it up for fall 2013.

The easiest way to welcome the new season is with berry stained lips. The purple pout was the hottest makeup trend at New York Fashion Week – model after model sashayed down the catwalk with a vino colored kisser.

The plum pucker can be a tad daunting, so read on for my foolproof tips for the perfect stained kisser.


How to Apply Plum to Your Pucker

First and foremost, this look is not about using the combined efforts of lip pencil, lipstick and gloss to form a perfect Studio 54 disco mouth. The look is soft and smudgy as if you just enjoyed a raspberry Popsicle.

1) Buff your lips with a toothbrush to remove any flakes or rough patches to ensure a smooth application. Add a dab of lip balm – just a dab, darlings.

2) Apply your deep plum hued lipstick (try Too Faced La Crème in Divine Wine) with your finger or a lip brush – no lip pencils – the look we are after is a soft kiss of color.  Be extra careful to not overdraw your lips or you run the risk of looking like Mommy Dearest.

3) After the color is applied evenly to the entire mouth, blot with a tissue to remove shine and to further soften the color. Sometimes I use my finger and run it over the lip line to soften any hard edges.


Set Your Kisser Color

To set the color, a quick puff of loose powder will hold it in place all day. If your lips feel dry, use a matte lip balm, such as Peter Thomas Roth Matte Lip Balm, to add moisture.

When wearing a dark mouth, it’s best to keep the rest of the face simple. Glowing skin, nice eyebrows and sweep of mascara like Glam Vibrating Mascara for extra long lashes is all you need.

For extra evening drama, add a touch of light metallic eye shadow – the other big fall trend – to the inner corners of the eyes.


There you go, sweeties, vino colored lips for one and all.